For pet owner’s piece of mind, CAMP CANINE offers webcam services for you to view your dogs at play during our business hours. Currently webcams are offered to view the outside play areas of our Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale locations as well as all playrooms and outside areas of our Hollywood location. 

While you are away you can now visit your pet with our Virtual Pet Visiting Service via any computer that has the Skype software program installed.
Talk face to face with your pet while he or she is staying with our own CAMP CANINE  .
CAMP CANINE uses Skype video calling to allow you to have a virtual interaction with your pet. Great for anyone missing their buddy or for any camper that may become a little homesick.  This program is available on computers at many hotels and cruise ships. The software can be easily downloaded to any computer with a camera. Just call our front desk at 954.468.Bone (2663) during the hours of 10:30am to 3:30pm and ask to Skype with your dog.

Picture Email


CAMP CANINE now offers petpics. CAMP CANINE counselors will email you 10 pictures of your precious pooch at play. Show them off to your friends, print and post on the fridge, or just keep in your “saved” box for future enjoyment. 

Veterinarian Shuttle


While your pet is in our care, we can offer transportation to our house veterinarians for check-ups and vaccines.
Valet Barking
We offer FREE Valet Barking every Thursday from 7:30am to 9:00am for all daycare campers.

*Some services not available at all locations