7 consecutive days of webcam use: $5.00
1 month of consecutive webcam use: $15.00


Our charge for providing this visitation service is $10.00 per visit, up to 10 minutes. At this time, this service is offered in our Fort Lauderdale location only.
Our nickname is CAMP CANINE FTL (must be scheduled in advance to receive an answer.)
Picture Email

$8.00 for 10 emailed photos.
Veterinarian Shuttle

Transportation to CAMP CANINE’s House Veterinarians: $25.00 for first pet, $5.00 for each additional pet.
Veterinarian charges must be paid by owner at time of service directly to the veterinarian office.
Valet Barking
We offer FREE Valet Barking every Thursday from 7:30am to 9:00am for all daycare campers.

*Some services not available at all locations

* Prices subject to change without notice