CAMP CANINE offers a cageless social environment for our dogs during their stay with us. This keeps dogs both physically, as well as mentally stimulated while away from their loved ones, providing a more enjoyable experience. 

Although dogs are mostly social animals by nature, some dogs do not always feel comfortable in a free roam environment. This can be due to many outside influences and we can assure you that CAMP CANINE counselors will do everything in their power to make your dog comfortable during its stay, but ultimately, this type of environment is not for all dogs. 

CAMP CANINE has devised a proven method of evaluating all of its campers participating in cageless doggie daycare to ensure the highest quality experience to every pet in our care. Our evaluation includes getting to know your pet using your notes from your enrollment form, having a CAMP CANINE Counselor spend one on one time with your pet, and monitoring your pet’s behavior both before and after being introduced to his/her new friends. This procedure takes a minimum of approximately 3 hours but exact time can vary depending on your pet’s level of sociability. Pets with anxiety issues may need repeat returns to help them gain the confidence they need to feel comfortable around others and some pets may be denied access to the group play if they show signs of aggression, are too fearful, or lack the social skills needed to provide them and others with a safe play area. 

Please understand that this evaluation is for the protection of all campers in our play areas. A pet that has passed our evaluation can still be removed from group play if the Camp Counselors believe the dog has become a danger to others or itself.  Dogs that do not wish to play with other campers or dogs that do not meet our requirements will be kept separate from the others, but still offered a minimum of 3 walks/playtimes a day and plenty of TLC throughout their stay.